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Pretty Mi Sizing Guide


  • Stand in front of a mirror. Make sure the tape is untwisted and level. Wrap it around your body, but don't tug on the tape so it pinches, or leave it too loose or slack. Stand naturally and without holding your breath. Measure your bust around the fullest part making sure the tape is straight around your back.
  • To find your natural waistline, bend to the side and notice the crease that forms usually just below the rib cage - it's just there. Also remember to measure your hips around the fullest part.
  • Use your tape measure simply as a guide. Boobies are three dimensional and everyone is different.
If you require any advice or have any special requirements please contact us:
Some of our designs are dual size. The stretch fabric and adjustable ties are more accommodating so we feel it is better to offer two sizes.
All garments are available as separates so you can find your perfect fit!

Illustration by Poppy Spinks - contact:

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